Why You Should go for Special Nutrition?

All of our products are specially produced for you, and they are  brands that have proven themselves in this field in the world. You will be able to continue your life with pleasure and health without changing your eating routines.

  1. Gluten Free Products

    Gluten-free products are recently a subject of special sensitivity and research due to many diseases. It is completely forbidden for celiac patients, especially due to the damage it causes in celiac disease. Gluten is the protein that forms the unruly structure of the dough formed during bread making, that is, it is responsible for the strong structure of the dough.

    Without gluten, bread will not ferment or rise. Gluten sensitive people should try other alternatives. Otherwise, your intestines cannot digest gluten-containing foods and intestinal inflammation occurs.

    NUTRAMOR products consist of healthy food supplements specially produced for individuals. Special health group products, which are specially produced according to the sensitivity of the person, have a restorative and therapeutic feature while benefiting the person. People with gluten sensitivity can consume NUTRAMOR products with peace of mind.

  2. Protein Reduced Products

    Low protein products are the general name for foods that contain less protein in special nutrition programs.

    Proteins are the building blocks of our body. We obtain 15% of the energy we produce from food-derived proteins. It is important to take proteins, which are indispensable food sources of the human body, in sufficient quantities.

    While animal proteins meet the amino acid needs of our body, they are not good for bad cholesterol called LDL. Therefore, it is extremely important to pay attention to protein intake.

    Vegetable proteins  are alternative source for our body, but its amino acid content is not sufficient.

    Therefore, the consumption of vegetables should be well balanced and the amino acid ratio should be adjusted well. While NUTRAMOR products supplement the protein values required for the human body, they do not cause health problems.

    These products, which are specially produced for users, are also recommended by doctors and dieticians. NUTRAMOR, which has a wide range of products, continues its activities in a way that is beneficial to the users.


  3. High Protein Products

    There is a need for proteins that form the building blocks of the body, muscles, organs, skin, hormones and many components needed by the body. High-protein foods especially support weight loss. These rates are the amounts that should be taken as standard. Different amounts of protein are required for athletes and dieters.

    In addition, many people cannot use these products containing high amounts of protein for various reasons. For this reason, NUTRAMOR, which is a special nutritional product, can be used as a support. While supplements the body the amount people need, there is no substance harmful to health. People who need high protein intake can benefit from these products with peace of mind.

  4. Products Containing Collagen

    Collagen supplements are the most talked about nutritional supplements recently. Collagen;

    Maintaining skin integrity

    Ensuring hair nail integrity

    Joint rheumatism

    They are nutritional supplements that combat joint cartilage dissolution.

    In addition, collagen plays a leading role in the fight against bone resorption. In short, collagen is a very important structure that benefits 80% of the human body from birth to death.

    Collagen; It has many benefits such as the attachment of cells, tissues, organs to each other and their ability to function in harmony. Collagen can be examined in 20 groups, each collagen provides a separate benefit. We need to know how to get collagen that is beneficial for many tissues and organs, from bone structure to skin structure.

    We prevent our body from intake of collagen due to many habits from daily usage habits to consuming foods. In this section, NUTRAMOR, which is a special health product for people, is emerging. Collagen groups of NUTRAMOR products supplement all types of collagen required for the body. Collagen support can be taken in the best way thanks to NUTRAMOR collagen groups.


  5. Vegan Products

    Although vegan nutrition is known as a weight-control diet method, it is actually accepted as a lifestyle and philosophy. People with a vegan diet do not consume any animal-based foods, including honey, dairy products and eggs. People who apply this diet in their lives claim that they live in harmony with environmental and ethical reasons as well as healthy living.

    Today, this point of view is called “veganism”. Vegan nutrition and life philosophy is an issue that requires awareness and attention. If vegan nutrition is not taken into consideration, some deficiencies such as calcium, protein, vitamin B12 and vitamin D can be seen. It is considered what vegans eat to make up for these deficiencies.

    Vegan-fed people prefer product groups made with NUTRAMOR Products, soy milk instead of cow’s milk, tofu or soy milk instead of cheese. They eat starchy potatoes instead of eggs and vegan yogurt made with vegan yeast and soy milk instead of zucchini yogurt. It is very difficult to distinguish the taste of NURTAMOR Vegan products from others. In addition, the products are extremely healthy and beneficial. NUTRAMOR products cover a wide range according to the lifestyle and usage needs of the people.



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