30 days of use (30 x 10 gr)

Why use BellAmor ?


It is a low molecular weight peptide with high skin benefit.

It is made out of bovine collagen.




Collagen is a structural content (especially under the skin) of the skin and it constitutes approximately %80 of the dry skin.

Collagen effects the water binding capacity, the flexibility and the looks (the wrinkles) of the skin.

Collagen loss starts at age of ~ 30  and accelerates after menopause. (% 2 p.a.)*

* after menopause, Chung et al 2001; Li et al 2005, Patriarca et al 2007



Bioactive Collagen Peptides ®, the growth of connective tissue, collagen and proteoglycans synthesis has been scientifically proven.
Scientifically validated in preclinical and clinical studies.


Vitamins and Minerals Which are Beneficial for the Skin Helps Keep the Collagen Balance of the Body Stable

  • Vitamin C = Appropriate amount of vitamin C helps increase the collagen production in body. (1)(3)
  • Vitamin B2 = Vitamin B2 riboflavin, has a great effect on the collagen production which produces healthy skin and hair. The lack of vitamin B2 will unbalance the collagen amount in body. (2)
  • Zinc = Zinc helps preserve the healthy skin.  Zinc is an important mineral which helps renew the skin. (3)
  • Pantothenic acid B5 = Pantothenic acid, also known as vitamin B5, is a vitamin which is used for hair and skin health. Vitamin B5 has an effect that will help grow health hair and reduce skin sagging or wrinkles . Vitamin B5 helps reduce existing acne lesions and prevent the frequence of new acne. (3) (4)
  • Vitamin E = Vitamin E has an impact when fighting against wrinkles or sagging on the skin. As a strong antioxidant, it helps fight with the damage that is caused by the oxidation of the cells on the skin. Vitamin E oil, helps prevent free radicals in body which has a great importance for aging. (3)

Vitamins and Minerals which are Beneficial for the Skin Helps Keep the Collagen Balance Stable

  • Biotin = Biotin, which reduces the hair loss , also slow downs the process of the hair turning grey. It is known that biotin is beneficial not only for the hair health but the skin too. Biotin could be adviced to those who are having problems with their nails..(5)
  • Vitamin A = Vitamin A is vital for the production of hair, skin, bones and teeth. Vitamin A helps protect the skin from infections. It is a vitamin that has an effect on eye health, embryo development and the wrinkles on the skin. Vitamin A is a vital nutrition for healing tissues and renewing the epithelium which also contains the skin.(3)
  • Selenium = It strengthtens the antioxidant defence system which prevents the skin from aging.
  • Phosphorus, iron, calcium, magnesium, B12 has a role in the cell division process.
  • Vitamin A, Vitamin C, magnesium, zinc and iron help increase the synthesis of hyaluronic acid.

Fiber, by helping the digestive system, makes time for the absorption of the materials needed to produce collagen in body.

  • Since collagen, multivitamins and minerals are taken all at the same time fiber makes time for the body to absorb all the nutritions.



1) Topically Applied Vitamin C Enhances the mRNA Level of Collagens I and III, Their Processing Enzymes and Tissue Inhibitor of Matrix Metalloproteinase 1 in the Human Dermis. Betty V. Nusgens, Philippe Humbert,* Andre Rougier,² Alain C. Colige, Marek Haftek,³ Charles A. Lambert, Alain Richard,² Pierre Creidi,* and Charles M. Lapie

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ENERJİ VE BESİN ÖĞELERİ* 100 ml için 100 mL için %RA** 50 mL için**** 50 mL için %RA**
Energy 216 kJ / 51 kcal 3% 136 kJ / 32 kcal 1%
Fat 0 g 0% 0 g 0%
-of which saturated 0 g 0% 0 g 0%
Carbohydrate 1,6 g 1% 0,8 g 0%
-of which sugars 1,6 g 2% 0,8 g 1%
Fibre 4 g 16% 2 g 8%
Protein 9,2 g 18% 4,6 g 9%
Salt 0 g  0% 0g 0%
VİTAMİN VE MİNERAL 100 ml için 100 mL için %BRD*** 50 mL için**** 50 mL için %BRD***
Vitamin A 1640 ϻg (RE) 205% 820 ϻg (RE) 103%
Vitamin D 40 ϻg 800% 20 ϻg 400%
Vitamin E 24 mg (α-TE)  200% 12 mg (α-TE)  100%
Vitamin C 1640 mg  2050% 820 mg  1025%
B.1Thiamine 12 mg  1091% 6 mg  545%
B.2 Riboflavin 2,8 mg 200% 1,4mg 100%
B.3 Niacin 48 mg (NE) 300% 24 mg (NE) 150%
B.5 Pantothenic acid 16,4 mg  273% 8,2 mg  137%
B.6 Pyridoxine 6,4 mg  457% 3,2 mg  229%
B.12 Cobalamine 820 ϻg 32800% 410 ϻg 16400%
Biotine 984 ϻg 1968% 492 ϻg 984%
Folik Asit 656 ϻg 328% 328 ϻg 164%
Magnesium 98,4mg  26% 49,2 mg  13%
Zinc 24 mg  240% 12 mg  120%
Manganese 1,6 mg  80% 0,8 mg  40%
Iron 22,8 mg  163% 11,4 mg  81%
Selenyum 116 ϻg 211% 58 ϻg 105%
Krom / Chromium 196 ϻg 490% 98 ϻg 245%
İyot/Iodine 246 ϻg 164% 123 ϻg 82%
Bakır /Copper 1,64 mg  164% 0,82 mg  82%
Molibden / Molybdenum 328  ϻg 656% 164 ϻg 328%
*Enerji ve besin öğeleri miktarları ortalama değerler üzerinden verilmiştir.
**Değerler ortalama bir yetişkinin referans alım(RA) düzeyini belirtir. (8400kj / 2000 kcal).
*** Beslenme Referans değeri (BRD)
**** Tarifine göre hazırlanmış 1 tüketim birimi: 1 saşe (10g) + 50 ml su.



Add 1 sachet in to 50 ml of water and mix them.

Serve the drink with ice or wait for it to cool in the refrigerator.

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