What Kind of Collagen Is To Be Used In Skin ?

Hangi Tip Kollajen Ciltte Kullanılır

Hangi Tip Kollajen Ciltte Kullanılır

Since the awareness about collagen is expanding among people, we have been asked about the type of collagen that is to be used for skin health. That is why we have decided to publish an article about the type of collagen that is to be used in skin.

In the last few years, the usage of collagen supplements has increased. Correspondingly, the misusage of it has increased too. To prevent these outcomes, we have decided to inform you about the type of collagen that should be used for the skin’s health. 

Collagen is a structural protein which is found in our muscles, our bones, the tissue which connects the two and even in our skin. It forms one-third, which is an indispensable amount, of the total amount of protein in our bodies. Collagen is the main item that helps keep the body figure and protect ligaments. Lately, the most recommended supplement for the skin, joints and hair is collagen. There are numerous types of collagen supplements for high prices. In this article about the type of collagen that is to be used in skin, we aim to help you choose the right type of collagen supplement. The fact that different types of collagen is used in different  types of structures is known among specialists. For example; collagen type 1 forms %90 of the total amount of collagen in our bodies. It is found in skin, bones, cartilages, and teeth. That is the reason why you should use collagen type 1 if you want it to support your skin health.

Collagen is not only for the skin. Collagen is a vital protein for the health of our nails and hair too. In order to support them, once again, one can benefit from collagen type 1.

Collagen is an important source of protein for the health of tendons. Tendons are fibers that make us move and transmit the force that is produced by our muscles to our bones and joints.

When it comes to joints, collagen is once again important. Although, when choosing collagen supplements for our joints, we must be aware of the differences. Collagen type 2 is found in the elastic cartilage that is situated in our joints. Collagen type 2 forms most of the part of the elastic cartilages in our bodies while collagen type 3 is mostly found in muscles, organs and veins. For this reason, for the joints, it will be suitable to use a supplements that contains both collagen type 3 and type 1.


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